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Rabbi Natan Morowitz Z"L

Rabbi Natan Morowitz was born in the United States where he studied at Yeshiva Torah Vodath, continuing his studies for the Rabbinate at the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn. He obtained Semicha at Mesifta Torah Vodath. He received a B.A. from Brooklyn College and then studied at New York University Graduate School of Public Administration. The Rabbi was active in Jewish education and was Director at the Hebrew Academy of North Queens and Manhattan Day School. He founded the Alumni Association of Torah Vodath.

His wife Rachail graduated from the Beis Ya'acov and Brooklyn College where she received a B.Sc. degree in Nursing. She finished her studies at New York University where she obtained a Double Masters in Nursing and Education.

Rabbi Morowitz, his wife Rachail and five children made aliyah in 1979. Rachail founded the Tessler School of Nursing and was its first Director. She was a close partner with the Rabbi in all his many charitable activities. Rachail, sadly, passed away in 2016. Their five children and twenty-one grandchildren all live in Israel.

The Rabbi feels that his main achievement is his work at Laniado Hospital and having been the founding Rabbi of the Young Israel of North Netanya, which held its first services on Shabbat Hagadol 1983.

Rabbi Morowitz retired in 2013 and was appointed as Emeritus Rabbi in recognition of his invaluable service to our community.

Rabbi Morowitz passed away after a period of ill health in 2022.

Sat, 13 July 2024 7 Tammuz 5784