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In Need of Help or Assistance?


We very much hope the following information proves helpful. If you need any further information or feel we can help in any other way, please feel free to contact us:

Graham Nussbaum – 0547489295

Vivienne Simenoff  –  0547612763

If you have any information you would like us to add or to amend, please let us know.


Food and medicine – home deliveries


If you find yourself unable to go out to stock up on food, collect medicine or a package from the post office, please contact Door2dor. Their volunteers, who operate under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, will contact you by phone and make sure to leave everything you are missing on your doorstep. You need to complete their form

Click HERE for their website.  (currently in Ivrit but in development in English)

Email  Click HERE

Phone -  0772231220


Shops and services that deliver

For a list of shops and services that will deliver please see the list below:

FOOD DELIVERIES                                     

At the time of publication there is uncertainty if the food stalls in the Shuk will be open.                         

Do you have any other recommendations? If so please contact :    

DELI – Madanei Bukobza Rehov Shoham, Shuk   050-782-2987

FISH – Sderot Jabotinsky   09-882-8308

FRUIT – corner of Weizman and the Shuk, Eli  054-426-2791 (prefers orders by whatsapp)

MEAT – Boaron, Ha’Yalom 1, Yitzy 050-599-9447

MINIMARKET– Hadar, Shmuel Hanatziv 15, Roni 09-833-19

The Rabbi emphasises that this list of shops does not mean that their kashrut standard is endorsed by the Rabbi or by the Shul.


Collections from the Post office
Instead of collecting a package from the Post Office, Israel Post will deliver to your home at a cost of 20 NIS.
Call 171, then press 1, Give your ID number, Address, Phone number, Pay by credit card
An appointment will be made.
We have been told that whilst this system does work it can take a while to get through, so do be patient.


Support and Counselling
Bituach Leumi offers help, guidance and support and can be contacted by going to this link.
Please Click HERE



Befrienders Netanya – Debbie – 054 4999294

Counselling – Sharing with a trained counsellor may prove helpful.

Susan 052- 6989088 –   Email Click HER
Cecily 050-3731302   –   Email Click HERE


Healing the heart 

A grief managing support group is being offered and subsidized by ESRA counselling service. 6 weekly zoom sessions.

Contact Michelle Freedman 0544544825 for further information 

Challenges of the Coronoavirus

A supportive workshop for those feeling lonely or isolated, offered and subsidized by ESRA counselling service. 6 weekly zoom sessions 

Contact Bev Erlich 0523584202 for further information

Caring for a loved one

Support for those caring for someone suffering from ill health, Alzheimer’s or dementia is being offered and subsidized by ESRA counselling service. 

Contact Susan Kurnedz  0526989088 for further information 



Social worker / counsellor - Sharing with a trained counsellor may prove helpful.

Yanina Musnikow – 09 833 0950 (AACI)

Email:      Click HERE

Website:   Click HERE

AACI also offers a caregivers support group  Click HERE

Help with coping with loss -  Click HERE


Mental Health support from the Health funds

A new service in the health funds (Kupot) will give you personal telephone meetings of up to 45 minutes with mental health therapists – free of charge. The therapists will speak with you about the difficulties and fears and provide you with support, tools and skills that will assist you in coping with and adjusting to the new state of affairs without your having to leave home.

To receive the service and additional information you may apply to the health funds:
Maccabi -*3028
Meuhedet – *3833
Clalit – *2708
Leumit – to receive the service you may contact of the following providers
Amcha – 02-6335209
Bayit Ham – 073-2800539


Volunteer Friendship calls from Young Israel of North Netanya (YINN)

If you would like to volunteer your time to make phone calls to fellow members of our community, or you would like to receive a regular call, please contact Vivienne Simenoff on 0547612763

Financial requests

            ESRA – you’ll find an application form on their web site -  Click HERE

            Financial support from YINN – please contact the Charity Committee  HERE


Wed, 30 November 2022 6 Kislev 5783