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Irgun Nashim AGM 2020

Young Israel Synagogue of North Netanya


Dear Ladies,

The Annual General Meeting of the Irgun Nashim of Young Israel Synagogue of
North Netanya will take place on Sunday 27 December 2020 at 3.00 pm by
Zoom Conference Call. As a member of the Bet Knesset you are automatically a
member of the Irgun Nashim.
I look forward to you joining the Meeting.
The Zoom entry code is as follows:

Meeting ID : 859 0305 5653

Password: 103478

Yours sincerely
Joanna Rosenberg, Chairperson

Young Israel Synagogue of North Netanya Irgun Nashim

On Sunday 27 December 2020 at 3.00 pm
By Zoom Conference Call


1. Welcome
2. Dvar Torah
3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 February 2020
4. Matters arising from the Minutes
5. Chairperson’s report
6. Chairman of YINN
7. Treasurer of YINN
8. Chairperson Elect – Betty Wahnon
9. Any Other Business



Please see below for the Minutes of the last AGM


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Irgun Nashim

Young Israel of North Netanya

Held on Sunday 16 February 2020


Present. Joanna Rosenberg (chairperson),  Rabbi Borouch Boudilovsky, Paula Edery, Avril Kormonick, Sandra Rabinowitz, Rowena Nussbaum, 

Ruth Gold, Ruth Leviton, Linda Lawrence, Betty Wahnon, Myrla Sacofsky,

 Ita Rubinstein, Beryl Sagal, Stephanie Plaskow, Janette Cannon, 

Barbara Schwarz, Vivienne Simenoff, Graham Nussbaum, (YINN Chairman)

Andrew Kaye (YINN treasurer)


Apologies   Joyce Berman, Susan Hodes, Enid Abrahams, Rochelle Veeder, Hazel Broch, Ruth Lyons, Naomi West. 


Welcome  The Chairperson, Joanna Rosenberg welcomed those present together with  Graham Nussbaum, chairman of the YINN Board.  Respect was paid to those members of the Kehilla who had passed away during the year.  


Minutes.  The Minutes of the previous AGM had been circulated and approved,

Election of scrutinisers   As there was no election, it was not necessary to appoint scrutinisers.

Dvar Torah  Rabbi Boudilovsky delivered a Dvar Torah.  He thanked Joanna for her three years of committed service to the Community and the whole team for all their work. 

Open Poll for Elections.   There were no elections.

Chairperson’s Report        Joanna Rosenberg delivered the following report: 

“Rabbi Boudilovsky, ladies and gentleman, I would like to express my gratitude for all the support that I have had over the past year. The Irgun Nashim is a vital part of the Shul and is there fifty-two weeks of the year to help where-ever needed, including the five teams that prepare the kiddushim and seudot shlishit.  I would like to thank the team leaders and their teams, who have contributed to its success.  It was a very busy year with so many functions. 

Tu B’shevat.    The Roots programme was a great success.

Purim.          Hot  drinks and Hamentashen were served at night after the Megillah and before the amazing Purim Spiel.  In the morning we had the Purim breakfast.  

Yom Ha’Atzmaut Following the davening, breakfast was held in the hall.

Yom Yerushalayim.  There was a l’Chaim in the Shul foyer.

Shavuot. I was delighted to see that two  special ladies, Enid Abrahams and June Weinberg were honoured at our Neshai Chayil luncheon for their work for the Irgun Nashim over the years. 

Succot and Simchat Torah. A huge thank you to all the ladies for their hard work in making the kiddushim and seudot shlishit run smoothly.  The buffet luncheon in the hall was very enjoyable as was the Shabbat Berechit Kiddush.

Melaveh Malka/Tarbut lectures.  The Melava Malka, which was held many years ago,  has been revived as a joint function.  Everyone who attended had a most enjoyable evening with the food from Holy Bagel and good entertainment.  A date for this year has already been booked.  

Also, something new was the ‘Carer’s’ afternoon’.  We were delighted to see the carers who look after our members with such dedication at an afternoon tea, during which, Rabbi Boudilovsky spoke to them about the Shul. 

A New members’ evening was  held and was well attended. The Irgun Nashim catered all the above functions.


There are a number of people I must thank who make  the Irgun Nashim the success it is.

To Betty Wahnon, our Vice Chairperson.  You are an invaluable help with your willingness to help and offering guidance whenever needed.  

Gillian Amroon orders the food for kiddushim and seudot on a weekly basis

Sue Levy orders the paper goods, drinks,  cucumbers etc.

Ruth Gold now gets the sugar-free cakes, having taken over this task from Graham.

Ruth Lyons deals with all the notices for the functions and prints the Purim cards. She is now helped by Avril Gatoff

David Glass sends out the notices

Stephanie Plaskow- our secretary is always on top of  the Minutes and is sometimes helped by Phyllis Carr when she is not available,

Rowena Nussbaum is a great asset to us, having shown on many occasions,  her organising ability such as at Succot in arranging for additional people to help, when we do not have any rotas, plus arranging  for the ladies and gentlemen to assist with ‘setting-up’ the hall .

Thanks to the ‘Table Tennis’ men for arranging the tables for the kiddushim.

Linda Lawrence continues to organise the Chumashim for the grandchildren of our members on their Bar/BatMitzvahs.

Hazel Broch is always there when needed,

As Chairman. I give the Irgun Nashim report at the YINN Board Meetings.  I thank Hilton Share, our past Chairman, for allowing me to speak during the general discussions. He has been followed by our new Chairman, Graham Nussbaum, whom I  wish to thank, and wish him well.  Graham has always shown his appreciation by thanking the Irgun Nashim for all their efforts after the functions and is always willing to help.

A report is sent to the Shul magazine twice a hear from the Irgun Nashim and thanks must go to Alan Gold for publishing the articles.  

Please ladies don’t forget that you are automatically a member of the Irgun Nashim and we welcome all the new members.


At this point I am sure that I speak on behalf of everyone present in wishing a Refua Shleimah to Ruth Lyons and look forward to her being back with us very soon”


Chairman of YINN 

Graham Nussbaum, Chairman of the YINN Board of Management thanked the ladies of the Irgun Nashim for all their hard work and likened them to ‘engineers’, without whom, nothing would happen.  Graham said that he has had good relations with the Irgun Nashim, especially with Joanna, who always gets things done,


Treasurer of YINN. 

Andrew Kaye, treasurer of the YINN Board of Management stated that everything is now purchased and paid for through the Shul since  the cost of providing the kiddushim is either by sponsorship or paid  by the Shul itself as part of its community service. Gillian Amroon orders the food, with the exception of the sugar-free cakes, which are paid for via the Irgun Nashim Treasurer, Ruth Gold. He thanked Joanna and the teams for all their hard work.

Any Other Business

The  perennial question of the Irgun Nashim having its own Bank account was discussed. 

Ruth Gold said she was aware that having our own account would involve extra expense, and  Rowena Nussbaum said she didn’t see the need for a separate bank account, but asked if we could have a cash float.

Members present went on to discuss the necessity of encouraging more ladies from  the community to become involved as there was an urgent need to enlarge the kiddush rota teams to spread the labour and get new ideas. Although new members were approached at the 

‘new members evening’  Barbara Schwarz suggested further personal contact would be useful.   

Betty Wahnon asked for the Shul to let us know the names and contact details of new members. 

It was generally felt that both old and new members should be contacted on a one-to-one basis. 

Janette Cannon asked if the Irgun Nashim could have more meetings during the year.

Joanna thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 5.00 pm.




Tue, 26 January 2021 13 Shevat 5781